Monday, March 12, 2012

8 Minutes

It has been a while since I've shot any more landscapes.
I've had a pile of things get in my way, such as have my wisdom teeth removed and come down with a bad cold.

Well today i dragged myself and one unfortunate friend of mine down to the Stockton break wall to practice what i hoped would be some good experimentation towards slow exposures.
I think it went down pretty successful.

I stacked a ND3.0 with a ND.18 to cut 16 stops of light. I also used a guide from Alex Wise's blog to help meter the exposure, it worked a charm!

Although i learned that stacking the filters also causes some severe noise in the image, i have never dealt with noise before so it was rather grainy in the final image.
I have noted down that my camera has a noise reduction function and with a brief test it seems to work rather well. So i guess i will use that next time.
The only down side is a 8 minute exposure will then take a further 8 minutes to process.

That's all for today.


Carole said... Best Blogger Tips

Nice blog. You might like to see my post about the Picasso exhibition in Sydney. It finishes on the 25th March.

Jean-Louis Kocher said... Best Blogger Tips

Hi there
Thank you, i was actually at the Picasso Exhibition on the 11th, this past weekend.
It was great.

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