Monday, December 19, 2011


After receiving my new B&W Nd 3.0 in the mail, i was somewhat bouncing with joy.
I've recently been obsessing with landscape and panoramic photography and cannot wait to try some more.

I deem my first two attempts as a success but of course there is always room for improvement. That and an even horizon, I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong(okay i have a little idea) but i keep getting wonky horizons.

This has also made me start questioning my new urge to indulge in a full frame camera, the Canon 5D has never looked more sexy. Also am planning to purchase the 17-40mm 4.5L lens, although all this thought of impulse buying would make me beyond broke. So it's a good thing i haven't.

Here are the shots from my first trip to Merewether.

I have to admit that i am happy with the current result and cannot wait to go out and do more.
Just waiting for weather to clear up.