Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Lake

I got a very interesting and extremely annoying result in my latest test shot. I went down to the lake just to try another test image. It was just going to be quick and simple; I was also extremely short of time due to work. Any who I ducked down to Warners Bay and took a shot or two.
 The whole thing was pretty much a failure, the sun while extremely bright and glaring was not providing enough light for what I wanted. I think it was the reflection that caused the strange gradient on the left hand side of the image. I plan to go back there on my first chance and re-shoot the image. I think the scene has good potential, just needs some tweaking.

I have also come across a great blog for slow exposure and black and white work. It has taught me a few things and the articles are very insightful and interesting. It goes by the name Bulb Exposures, if you are interested in this sort of work then I recommend giving it a read.

The image was shot for about 4 minutes, using a stacked ND 3.0 and 1.6, Silver Effex Pro and Photoshop used for adjustments