Monday, March 12, 2012

8 Minutes

It has been a while since I've shot any more landscapes.
I've had a pile of things get in my way, such as have my wisdom teeth removed and come down with a bad cold.

Well today i dragged myself and one unfortunate friend of mine down to the Stockton break wall to practice what i hoped would be some good experimentation towards slow exposures.
I think it went down pretty successful.

I stacked a ND3.0 with a ND.18 to cut 16 stops of light. I also used a guide from Alex Wise's blog to help meter the exposure, it worked a charm!

Although i learned that stacking the filters also causes some severe noise in the image, i have never dealt with noise before so it was rather grainy in the final image.
I have noted down that my camera has a noise reduction function and with a brief test it seems to work rather well. So i guess i will use that next time.
The only down side is a 8 minute exposure will then take a further 8 minutes to process.

That's all for today.