Friday, November 26, 2010

The Montage Sequence, Yeah?

Hey guys

So I've been a bit distracted as of yet, having some troubles with Voxel effect. I really wanted to do some pixel styled animations but I cannot seem to get it to pixelate text. I can get other objects done fine though, so maybe I will just play with some pixels while I wait.

I did however watch another tutorial and have a crack at it. Unfortunately it is again pretty similar to the video aside from a change of font and text. The good note is I learned a heap from it! Like how to use the fraction and random effector, so the spinny effect.

I'm eager to take what I've learned and make a whole new animation but I've been a bit empty on ideas lately or the things I wanna do I can't figure out. Which is always annoying.
Although now I've kinda got a small idea on how to use After Effects as well.

Here's the video:

And the Link to the blog and tutorial.

Hope you guys like it, although all the credit goes to The Gorilla

Thanks for taking an interest.

The Bear

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Needs more glow

Hey all

So I just completed a new render, It's all thanks to a tutorial by the Gorilla again. I know, soon I will use all this reading and make a video from scratch rather than follow these tutorials.
Although for now I'm rather pleased with the outcome!

Aside a few glitches like the left wall(I had no idea how to make the scene) and the light in the orbs seems to poke to a specific side rather than illuminate around the orbs.

Feedback would be appreciated, if you have the time.


Friday, November 12, 2010

A new render

Howdy all.

So I've been busting my backside lately working on different things and playing around.

Well, it's been mostly just play. I'm still learning a lot in Cinema 4D and I keep getting amazed by all the things i could do eventually.

I followed a tutorial on Grey Scale Gorilla's blog and came out with something that was, well i liked it. It did seem a bit dark though i may have needed a fill light over the top.

So now i will try to attach a video, bear with me while i try and upload it. I'm still getting the hang of this here blog thing!

Also it doesn't help that I've just got a copy of New Vegas and am being quickly absorbed into that!

Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010



Okey a few things to go over.

First up, my domain name is not working and I being an aparant idiot can't get it going, so for now it's a the blogspot domain. No skin off my back as i just wanna get this thing started.

Secondly have become absorbed into the realms of 3D render software such as Cinema 4D and Realflow.
Admittedly more of my time is spent in Cinema 4D. It's a lot of fun and I'm really enjoying learning it.
Thanks to a blog: I've been learning a lot about the program.  It's still for the most part baffling and confusing for me, everything i have created has been basic and somewhat ugly but i am proud of my progress and as soon as i work out how, i will post some of my works.

Thanks for reading