Friday, March 25, 2011

Another Exposure


So I've been researching a bunch more into the slow exposure side of things. It's a lot of fun just to read and think about. I did go out and practice some more. I went to the beach and tried to shoot the shore line with a ship a long it. Personally I'm a bit fond of the outcome. I think i would prefer too shoot these black and white images in a square image but I don't think I will for these shots yet.
For your curiosity, here is the image.

I would enjoy some critiquing or comments on it, but it's not that important.

I've mostly been scoping around different areas and finding scenes I would want to shoot.
I have a remote shutter in the mail, I look forward to being able to have more control over the outcome.

I've also been working on something completely different.
At my area of work we have a new office in Charlestown that has opened. I've been doing some building shots for the brochure and whatnot. Although I've never really shot a building before. It was a fun little thing to do. I also discovered using the stacked filters gives a better effect on the building, no blow outs in the sky and i can get dreamy clouds.
There are two shots, the first which was my initial attempt and the second was the requested shot by the owner.

I am a fan of the first one, but the owner likes the second one as far as i can tell.
I'm not really fussed it's his choice. I like them both so it's not a bad outcome regardless of which one is chosen.

Thanks for reading

Friday, March 4, 2011



I spent today driving around different parts of Newcastle playing with a stacked polarized filter and linear filter combo in an attempt to try my hand at previously mentioned slow exposures.
I don't have a remote shutter so each exposure was at 30 seconds maximum, admit ably I'm not over the moon with the photos i took, but i imagine it is a good draft for a start.
I'm really looking forward to going out and shooting more.
There are a few locations i have in my memory to explore and a let more i want to find.
If you happen to know any good water scape styled areas, mangroves, oyster traps, old broken jetty's. That sort of thing, please comment about them

Now I'll post two images from today.

This one was my favorite, i did learn that my lens was very dirty and i had to clean a lot of dust off the image.
I would love to go at this again and work on it more, a more cloudy day, longer exposure, those sorts of things.

This one was down near my house, some of the houses by the lake have private jetty's. I just wandered a long and took a few shots. This was the first experiment with the lens when i started getting excited now knowing what i could do with it.

Well that is all i have to say for now.
I will be out shooting as much as possible.


Slow Return


I should apologize to those who have stumbled upon here for the what seems complete abandonment.
I'm still here, don't fret.
I have not been able to do anything creative in about a month or three. I still want to do a whole lot more in modeling and 3D but it would seem i will be leaning much more towards photography in my next few posts.

I may post some images of past events just so i can keep a log, possibly even use this blog as a reference for my university journal.

Today i am going out in the big bad world to shoot some slow exposure shots, mimicking a old school medium format camera style. I'm really excited as it's my favorite style of photography and I've never had a chance to try it.

Wish me luck.