Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Gallery


So in my last day at the gallery I took a few snaps for anyone who didn't get to come and look, and for what ever reason is on here looking.

I imagine the overwhelming curiousity could cripple any man...

Anywho for those who don't know I will recap.
For three weeks I set up a set studio lighting space in the Watt Space gallery, along with five other artists. At first there was no particular reason for doing this. I then decided I wanted to shoot the many people that would come through the gallery, hey it's an art gallery, surely some interesting folk would come through(they did).

So the point of it was too show the people that come through the way select artists work and process. That is essentialy why I set up the shot.

It was a lot of fun.
Well here are some images from the show!

Here is a quick panoramic i took using my phone. Oh so fancy!

 It kind of looks a little less exciting in these images.

But too me, it was more impressive filling up the spaces on the walls.
Well thats me at least, I has spread across all the walls I had in my space and then spread to other places along the gallery.



Jej said... Best Blogger Tips

Ohhhhhh it looks amazing! Congratulations :) <3 Jem

Jean-Louis Kocher said... Best Blogger Tips

Thank you!

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